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River Cruising: An Introduction

Cruising the inland waterways of the world is a unique experience, incomparable to any other form of travel. The combination of convenience and comfort along with the variety of scenery and culture.

Unique Destinations
Thanks to their smaller size and low draft, river vessels can go where no other land transportation can take you. You can sail into the heartlands of various countries where some attractions can only be reached by water (Russia). You can choose to cruise and explore one country (China) or you can combine several in the span of a week (Europe). And if your heart desires true adventure, some of the ships will let you explore less visited areas such as the Balkans or take you literally where only few tourists have gone before (Burma and Laos). But no matter what destination or ship you choose, all of them will afford you a similar level of safety, comfort and convenience.

No Packing and Unpacking!
Unlike a motor coach tour, once you board your floating hotel, you unpack only once then sit back and relax as your ship sails from one attraction to the next. This allows you to be as active as you want while at the same time offering you the sanctuary of your cabin when you need a break!

Comfort and Convenience
Instead of adjusting to various levels of hotels and methods of transportation, you can relax in the comfort of your cabin while your ship takes you from one exciting place to the next. Your cabin will be similar to your room at home... comfortable beds, work table, vanity mirror, air conditioning, spacious closet space, full feature private bathrooms and the one thing your home does not have scenery that changes, minute by minute!

Luxury & Pampering
Yet, even though afloat, you lose nothing of the pampering of the best land locked hotels. Your rooms are made up while you are exploring the local sights. Your beds are turned down at night and a chocolate appears magically on your feather pillow. You eat glorious meals while watching the passing scenery through big picture windows… almost like a movie enfolding before your eyes

Gourmet Delights
You sit at your table set with china, crystal and candlelight. You choose world class meals , without worrying about the bill. You taste various cuisines of the places you are visiting without having to make a reservation… and the maitre d’ greets you by your name.

Sightseeing & Shore Excursions
And almost every single day your “floating hotel” delivers you to new and wondrous sights. Thousand year old cities where cobblestone streets beg you to explore. Century old castles that speak of times gone by. Monuments made by man from days of yesteryear and today. And all around you, the wonders of nature… quiet flowing waters….deep green forests…mountains…cliffs… reminding you daily why life is good. And all of this is included in your price.

Additional Features
As you sit in the evening enjoying the glow of the sunset, you listen to the stories of local experts and lecturers. You delight in colorful local folklore presented in your lounge. You sip your nightcap while the sounds of Strauss flow gently though the night as our violinist pours her soul into her music.

Attentive Service
And as you move from one location to the next without a worry on your mind, a smiling, youthful crew awaits your every order. Need a drink, Sir? Would you like an extra helping of dessert, Ma’am? Your wish is their command. And, because your floating home holds 20-250 people, you will never be “just a number!”

Can I Afford This Dream?
More than you realize! Think about your last visit to a major amusement park... How much was your hotel per night? For a week? A cold, bland room with a parking lot view, where even a movie cost you $10! How much was your food bill for 3 mediocre meals a day consisting of runny eggs, burgers, pizza and a hot dog? How much was your entrance fee for the privilege of standing in line while you waited an hour to go on each ride? Add it all up and then compare it to the features included in all of our cruises; accommodations, all meals, sightseeing and entertainment. River cruises are a great value for money! So, take the plunge and book yourself the trip of a lifetime.